Wednesday, January 8, 2014


     This study will provide an overview of historic sites and museums in Spain. It will examine the importance of these places in regard to their historic and cultural significance. From this analysis, a photo documentary blog will be created to detail the research and presentation of these places. It will also take into consideration the locations of these places and the means by which to reach them. The purpose of this study is to compare Spanish historic sites and museums with the arrangement of those of the United States.

     The significance of this study is for both historical and travel purposes. From a history standpoint, the study will provide an overview of the historic sites and museums and their cultural relevance to Spain. The comparative analysis of these places to those of the United States will also give a better understanding of how historic sites and museums are managed in Spain. This can be of use for both the fields of history and museum studies and to museum professionals. From a travel standpoint, it will also provide detailed directions of how to reach these places and how difficult or easy they are to locate from the base point of Segovia, Spain, which is north of Madrid. This can be of use to travel websites, the AHA International program, and the Office of Study Abroad.

     As a history major and museum studies minor, this project is also of personal significance. It will allow for a better understanding of the history and cultural aspects of Spain, as well as furthering academic research within the discipline of history. At a professional level, it will provide potential advancement for future travel and historical and museum research within an international museum career field.

     This study will be completed during the spring 2014 and fall 2014 semesters. Data collection and analysis will occur within the spring semester, while the comparative analysis will be completed in the fall upon return to the United States in April for finalization in the fall semester.

     The spring 2014 semester will consist of gathering data while in Spain and using the information collected for a photo documentary blog through the Google-run website Blogger at Each location will have its own post within the blog. Each entry will include: name of location, cost, transportation and transportation cost from Segovia, accessibility of the location, the history of the location, and its cultural significance to Spain in a minimum of 500 words per post, along with three photos with captions per location. 

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